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    Default Updated KI Pool System - LSSJ/Bandit

    Suggestion from LSSJ of an updated KI System:

    Idea is to change the current KI system to add a KI pool.
    The player has to use that pool without the ability to recharge unlimited, like in the current version and reduce beamspam.


    1.Strong attacks will drain your KI.
    2. KI charging will now concentrate your KI. This will make your attacks stronger, but it will drain your KI way faster.
    3.Once your KI has gone to 0 or even negative, you will become unconscious and a little time later you will have to crawl over the map, until your reach a specific amount of KI again.
    4.Other players can give their energy to you.
    5. SSJ and further stages will drain KI depending on the current powerlevel. The stronger the less drain.
    6. Spirit bomb should be boostable by this as well. If you see someone doing a spirit bomb you can boost his attack with that.
    7. New button "KI giving" gives KI to aimed player (even enemies).
    8.You can give a player whose KI pool is full still more KI... you can overcharge a players KI pool by 150%.
    9.If you see a crawling player... you can give him energy... or end his misery.
    10.Drag possibility: add the chance to carry unconscious players around and get them to safety.

    What this brings:
    + Teamplay
    + Dragonball feeling
    + ESF would become a real strategic fighting game... which stage... which attacks and stuff will be really war deciding
    + No more beamspam
    + A smart SSJ player can easily take out another SSJ3 player which spams around with his attacks, if he efficiently uses the KI pool
    Please reply only with real critique.
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