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Thread: Can we talk about melee and generic projectiles 'synergy'?

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    Default Can we talk about melee and generic projectiles 'synergy'?


    I realize this is likely late in the development cycle, but nonetheless I wanted to know what the team and the community thought about 'synergy' between melee and beams; namely the idea that gameplay wise it is jarring/unintuitive to switch from melee to a generic energy attack quickly and easily. Not sure how to better explain, but for example: if one was to follow up a melee hit with an energy attack, it's unintuitive that you need to switch to an energy attack, charge it, release it and then switch back to melee from the number row, in other to continue pursuit/melee engagement.

    The idea here is basically that it interrupts the flow and the fast paced nature of the game. It is essentially at odds or in contrast to the supposed fluidity and speed of the melee&swoop systems. In lieu of that I wanted the community and the team to address this issue with their thoughts on it's validity and potential solutions.


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    I was reading something about stracraft remastered the other day, and how the author pointed out that starcraft's success was boosted by its imperfections, be it the ability to only select 12 units at a time, the quirky pathfinding and numerous exploits. This made the game in itself fun and challenging to play not only because the campaign was in itself difficult but because it required you to be constantly coordinating, and it made you feel in control.
    Let's contrast this to modern games, which have become cinematic and very simple button mashers.
    ESF benefits from being complicated and quirky. Its whats helped make it popular cause you can feel the modness oozing out of it, lol. If you want a highly fluid amd streamlined dbz fighting game look no further than xenoverse or fighter z.

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