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    Ive asked this about a few times over the years never with a real positive answer , are there ay server up and runing for esf ? or is everybody waiting for 1.3. ( Which by the way the video of that game gets better evertime i see it, i was reviewing the melee system and as it stands in the trailer it seems amazing . but if i play the 1.3 unstable its still the 1.2.3 version melee.

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    Hi, Risen2910, there are no official esf 1.2.3 servers running, only player servers if there are any online. Also you probably saw the melee guide of esf final, that isn't in the 1.3 open beta.
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    OH thats where the misunderstanding came in it was final that i saw the melee , because the unstable version of 1.3 still follows 1.2.3s melee system. Final really looks incredible, from the graphics , blasts explosions to the melee combat system looks much improved and a little more fast paced. I rate if the guys working on it ever get the time to finish it it will be one of the greats it definitely has the potential to surpass most of what is out there in terms of games for dbz

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    You could join the discord server, we are more active there right now.
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    There are still dedicated 1.2.3 servers running, was playing last night.

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