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Thread: Struggle System - How do you think the 'ball' type attack struggles should work?

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    Maybe when you are attacked by a weak ball type you can just stop your energy wave and fly away like opponent. However when it's a strong one like genki dama i think both of warriors should be unable to move.

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    You can also have a limit of 1 if the ball attack out at a time so you can’t spam it. If I’ve done a Big Bang attack, i can’t start a new one until the first one has blown up

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    I think as a special condition you should be able to detach a beam when struggling against a ball. Or just make the alternate fire for any beam/ball attack non controlable ie fire and forget. But at the same time that should reduce the power of the attack.

    I feel like the spirit bomb should be controlable by default. You never see goku move after creating it and in multiple instances he has had control over it after launching it. Save for Frieza.

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