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Thread: I wanna help ESF Final finish, here's what I can do.

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    Post I wanna help ESF Final finish, here's what I can do.

    What I can do:
    Game Tester:
    Obviously from the title of the job I can test the game.
    For example: I test the game for
    1. Sounds
    2. Effects
    3. Characters
    4. Map
    5. Bugs and Glitches
    6. Etc
    __________________________________________________ ____________
    Sound Maker:
    I can also be a sound maker for the game to add sounds effects and other sounds.
    For example:
    1. Cinematics
    2. Transformations
    3. Character Talking
    4. Sound Effects.
    5. Map sounds.
    6. Music
    7. Music for Main Menu, Exit Screen and Loading screen
    8. etc
    __________________________________________________ _____________
    You know the XML Designer that developer uses? Well I can assist the team with some animation on it.

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    come to discord and talk to the devs directly there

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    Eh.... tried making beerus... looks kinda worst than the characters here at ESF.

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    Beerus wont be in esf final
    Only canon dbz content that means no movies, gt or super
    Only frieza, cell and buu saga

    Show me your beerus im curious

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