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Thread: Old Timer hang out forum, not really a game

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    Default Old Timer hang out forum, not really a game

    Let's be real, she's dead boys.
    "see what I do is, I look for a cancelled flight...then I cancel every one who was on that flight."

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    Yup she's dead alright...
    The New Freedoms Forums


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    Time to go play BFP hahahaha
    The New Freedoms Forums


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    forum might not be active, just come over to Discord

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    some of us are too old to know what a discord is...
    The New Freedoms Forums


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    What is a discord?

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    Discord is a revolutionary new way to stay in contact with your friends.
    Just click on this magical link and all your dreams will come true!

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    Hell, it's been forever since I've been on these forums. Used to bullshit with Masta and Pcjoe and all the other oldschool guys. Used to play and bullshit on AIM with Pcjoe haha. He was a cool dude but had a weird side to him but who doesn't? :P Fun times.

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    I miss having a 3d model of a purple meteor slowly following me around while I get SBC spammed at me from some jerk.

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