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Thread: I need a new wallpaper

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    Default I need a new wallpaper

    Resolution is 1680 x 1050.

    I don't mind black bars at the top and bottom. Needs to be something with vivid colors, please. Getting a bit sick of my current dreary background.

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    Hello Benjamin,

    Welcome to the ESF forum. If you are a requesting a wallpaper, you may have better luck in the General Artwork section.

    (moved thread)

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    Here's one I just made. You can add whatever you want on it, I really don't care lol

    Here's the actual link if it makes it easier to right click save,

    --- edit ---

    here's so more if you don't like the one I posted...
    The New Freedoms Forums


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    Thanks! I'm actually about to upload lots more (better ones) on my site tonight. Ill post some more later!
    The New Freedoms Forums


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