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Thread: Advice on melee combat

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    Post Advice on melee combat

    1丶After selecting the target, the WW sprint over, click the left mouse button to fly.
    The suggestion is: in case of no target, click on the left mouse button, which will be randomly typed, left, right, left leg, right leg, and increase movement
    2丶Select the person, sprint past, click the right mouse button, read the end, there will be a few column strike action
    Suggestion is adjusted for: in the absence of the target, click the right mouse button in a row, a combination of strike action, can cooperate WSAD, each role more strike action in both groups, a group of some
    I hope you can take it
    Come on! Hope ESF: the F is finished soon!

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    Sorry, I understood nothing. No offense.

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    Cant be done, ESF Final wont have automatic target system.

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