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Thread: do i know anyone here ... from 2002?

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    Default do i know anyone here ... from 2002?

    i've been receiving birthday emails from this forum for like 15 years!

    i used to go by xeno / xenorage / spinecraft / not sure what other names.
    i was member of the mod project "savior of strength" (saviour?)
    i think i briefly had my own project called BFPXL.

    i was 14 years old, teaching myself MilkShape and 3DSMax and stuff.

    anyway, do i know any of you? very curious to connect the dots if so!
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    ~don't know you, sorry~

    just wanted to say, hey!
    welcome back
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    All these moments will be lost in time like tears in rain.

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    I used to be known as Fire Phoenix. But I haven't played this game or came back to this forum in ages. Except for right now.

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    Hey FP,

    I made an account for this. Add me on steam.

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    I'm at work at the moment, I'll do what I can to remember to add you. I'm so busy now a days I don't seem to have time for much.

    Turns out, I can access Steam from work. Anyway, says we're already friends. But you're private.
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    You might remember me, I used to go by dReAm KilLeR back in those days.

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    Hello, I am a fossil that has been around since 2002.
    It's nice to see an old face back here. We've been getting quite a few old timers stopping by.

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    Anyone from freedoms forum??
    The New Freedoms Forums


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