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Thread: ESF Champa Arena [DOWNLOAD]

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    Default ESF Champa Arena [DOWNLOAD]

    So here's the map:


    ESForces for ESF 1.2.3 without it I couldn't have made the map :P
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    The map looks barren. I understand you were going for accuracy, but at the end of the day we are still playing a vidya game, and this map has a lot of open space to fly around in. I suggest, first, to decrease the size of the crater that surrounds the fighting ring. With less distance between the wall (edge of crater) and the ring, the maps fighting dynamics will change as the likelihood of a player being knocked into a vertical surface will increase. On the topic of craters, it would be beneficial to bring all of them closer together, minimizing the time required to travel between each one. Additionally, placing a ring in each crater would give players an incentive to fight there.

    The most memorable maps, for me, are the ones with misshapen and uneven surfaces that make fighting near the ground a treat ~ if there is nothing on the ground that adds to the dynamics of fighting, then the map isn't doing it right.

    As a side, I think the tiles of the fighting ring should have received more of a highlight over the pictures. Don't get me wrong, they are great... but, honestly, I'll look at them once, and then never care to notice them again. In a map where, currently, the only place of interest to fight is the ring, the tiles needed to be shown off more.

    But, I believe your map has promise, and I hope you continue to make improvements to it
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    The map looks good, for some reason you cant beam when you fly half way up the map. When you charge spirit bomb and release it, it shuts the game down with error "Bad entity in IndexOfEdict()"

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