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Thread: May or may not looking for some auras.

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    Question May or may not looking for some auras.

    Hey, i'm new! For start i just want to say that i'm looking for some better auras to make the game better. So where i can find those auras? (don't laugh, i just don't know.)

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    many kinds of auras in esf/models/evolution/Auras

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    I found them, but i need to change their names to aura.mdl so that they can work?

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    that depends on what version your esf is, if esf123 or evm, u need to rename the filename to aurabend.mdl(esf/models); if ecx thats another matter

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    Welp, i installed ecx sadly. And if that so, i need to find another way to change those auras as changing the filename to aurabend.mdl will not effect at all.

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    the auras of ecx work with additional characters(not the original nine), you need to know which aura file in esf/models/evolution/Auras the character uses, then replace it with the same file name.( it goes quicker if you got a Model Viewer )

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    I see that aura.mdl looks just like i added it before i installed ecx rc2, but how i'm suppose to know which character use a different aura cuz i know that all of them use a"crappy ugly aura sprite" that i hate it?

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    put this plugin in esf/core/plugins/CORE, it will tell you which aura model the character owns.

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    Is this the only way to get this plugin? Cuz i enter it but it's still loading.

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