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Thread: my progress in modelling :D

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    Default my progress in modelling :D

    what do you think ?
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    Very good. Just couple of tips:
    1) Study little more about human anatomy (muscles and skeleton anatomy mainly)
    2) Try to follow some folds in areas -- watch references / for various of parts of clothings. Plus you should consider that different material will cause different folds to appear in specific areas. Just try to google pictures like 'zbrush fold tutorial' and so forth. Usually you can find some amazing short reference with key points which experienced artists share with and the methodology is yet quite obvious, but genious at the same time.

    I really liked that you had it everything seperated. I would recommend to check more video tutorials about dynamesh/various of brushes. Some good references can be from or Digital Tutors/Gnomonology. Those will really help you develop better grasp about the ZBrush and will let you to develop your own better workflow.

    Nevertheless, you are on the very right track and keep it coming! Don't stop and go pro!

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    thanks i rly i appreciate that ,right now im working on the retopology to get some experience on that

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