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Thread: Please help.

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    Default Please help.

    Part 1) I open up esf 1.2.3 beta happily thinking it would load
    Part 2) It freezes when I make a server.
    Part 3) Please help
    Part 4) Thanks bro

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    Gonna need more information than that.

    Like what Half Life version you are using, running any mods for it, is it installed in to the correct directory and so on.

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    Download ESF 1.2.3. Install in half life directory, C -> programs file -> Half Life no steam -> ESF = In case of half life no steam (how ever, if you playing half life no steam you can't create lan game) Remember it is ProgramsFile/Halflife no steam/esf, and not only Programsfile/HalfLife

    Steam half life = C-programsfiles-steam-steamapps-common-halflife-esf. Remember that the installer must to be common/Halflife/esf, and not only common/halflife.
    To me is common, but it can be your nickname of steam. if not both, than its a directory where you have half life's directory inside

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    I am using counter strike 1.6 does it matter if its half life or counter strike?

    --- edit ---

    When I used steamapp/common or whatever and click half life it wont let me install

    I even tried common/half-life/esf it still dont let me install.

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    You need Half Life. CS doesnt have all the necesarry files. For the install button, you need to start up half life at least once. STEAM unpacks a few files when you start it up the first time, and the installer needs to detect those.

    @Old only STEAM is supported on the forums, since not using it is considered piracy and as such falls under the "no warez" rule of the forum.

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    Do you know exactly what I have to do for it to pop up? Thanks by the way.

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    Just go in to your steam games list, start HL from there, load up the tutorial level or the game, then you can exit out. That should ensure that all the files are unpacked and the install button should appear in the installer.

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    I hate this. I did the directory: steam/steamapps/common/Half-Life/esf is that the right directory?

    --- edit ---

    It's wierd because it lets me install on CS 1.6 non steam but not on Half-Life Steam.

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    It should let you install in Steamapps/common/half-life folder, as long as it exists and containts hl.exe and/or hlds.exe.
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    you should post a screenshot pls

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