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Thread: [HELP!!!]Some questions

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    Forget what I said. I used client_PostThink() forward without including <engine> so it was never called.
    Anyway, to avoid calling it many times per second (client_PostThink()), you should probably hook FM_EmitSound and do a swoop sound check. If true - set swoop time.

    (I've also slightly altered the above code for "User Message Test", as it apparently caused the server to hang for a few seconds.)
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    4. I'd like to make more stories in the ESF, so please let me know if these words are as genuine as an English speaker:
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    Buu: en? emmm?....
    Vegeta: Good-Bye, Bulma, Trunks.. and Kakarot...
    Buu: awwwwww....
    Vegeta: Haaaa~~~ BOMB!
    Please. Just don't.

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    public ClientPreThink( Client )
    	if ( !is_user_connected( Client ) )
    		return FMRES_IGNORED;
    	if( getClientSWOOPING( Client ) && Swoopdirection[Client] != getClientSWOOPDIRECTION( Client ) )
    		Swoopdirection[Client] = getClientSWOOPDIRECTION( Client );
    	if(getClientSWOOPING(Client) && getClientKI(Client) <= 10)
    		setClientSWOOPTIME(Client, Float:0 );
    	else if( !getClientSWOOPING( Client ) && Swoopdirection[Client] != SWOOP_NONE )
    		Swoopdirection[Client] = SWOOP_NONE;
    	return FMRES_IGNORED;
    	setClientSWOOPTIME(Client,get_gametime() + 10.0);
    You can try this.

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