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    Hello guys,

    I used to play ESF a lot about ten years ago, so i decided to download it again, but i cant find my favorite map.

    It was in Namekusei near destruction i think, and had a lot of lava (or a reddish water).

    Evil Team starts at Freeza's Ship, while Good team spawns at Goku's Capsule.

    I have looked everywhere (forum, google, youtube), but i found nothing about this map.

    I would greatly appreciate if anyone can help finding this.

    Oh, and sorry for my bad english.

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    Sounds like one of the lava maps that was in 1.0/1.1.

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    Nah. I believe it was based on the namek triangle map. But as far as i know it was only available as part of a map pack. No idea which one though.

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