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Thread: help with stats boost and powerlevel

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    Question help with stats boost and powerlevel

    hi i want to know if there is a way to see your stats because it says you can increase strengh attack power.. etc..
    with the dragonball too but i cant see the stats increase!

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    There are no stats aside from those displayed on the HUD.

    Attack power = power level

    Basically the calculation for dealing damage takes the attacker and defenders power level as values and uses the difference between them in the damage calculation. Dont know the exact formula, but in general the more PL you have the more damage you do, and the less you recieve.

    So the wish you are talking about is the one that gives you a powerlevel boost.

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    I believe he was wondering about what's stated below.

    Statsupgrade doesn't actually change your character's characteristics, but instad adds 1 kill and removes 1 death from the score. However, the effect is purely aesthetic and your server ranking will not be affected at all.
    Power grants you PL.
    Wishlevel is pretty useless, i presume.
    Infinite ki only works for a short time period, and, as i recall, charging ki cancels it prematurely.
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    There is no status upgrade wish in ESF.

    The wishes are as follows.

    power - gives you 1 million PL
    immortality - 1 minute of invincibility
    friendship - adds 2 points to the wish counter instead of 1

    The last one may need some explanation, so here goes.

    The gamemode CTDB is pretty CTF based. As in first team to a certain number of points wins. So if you wish for friendship, you gain 2 points instead of the regular 1 but, dont get any boosts to your character.

    Those 3 wishes are the only ones in ESF. Anything else is moded in by other stuff.

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