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Thread: What video card do you have?

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    Default What video card do you have?

    I'm just curious what most you guys use for your video card.
    I'm currently using a Geforce GT 240. Please post what your video card is.

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    Ati radeon Hd 4800

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    god damn I thought I had a shitty graphics card haha.

    GTS 250

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    Yeah... Thats on my server pc, my main has nvidia 700GTX series dont remember witch one :S

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    Nvidia 660 GTX atm that's also the kind of GPU i target to run ESF with max quality in Full HD at stable 60fps

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    GTX 460

    overdue for an upgrade

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    Radeon R9 285 series

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    intel hd graphics 4000 lol

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    GTX 770

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