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Thread: Anyone has this problem?

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    Default Anyone has this problem?

    it is always loading so that cannot see any chat content on the forum.
    Once, I was waiting for it for almost half an hour but no use...

    My browser is 'Google Chrome' and it never had this problem before.

    Or has some changes happened to this chat system?

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    My technical knowledge here isn't that vast, but I'd recommend the basic remedy. Have you tried deleting your browsing history? My only guess is that it might be a cache issue. I use Chrome, as well, and I have never run into this problem.

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    Is it still happening?

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    Yes, it is still happening. It seems like only me have this problem, it doesn't matter, feel free I will have a try with VPN or something other.

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    It happened to me for a bit but then it went away

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