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Thread: Signatures I did in one particular style.

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    Default Signatures I did in one particular style.

    So I've been doing some sig work for a Transformers community a while back, thinking maybe if people like that style on here (probably not since it doesn't fit anime much) then I could make a few.

    P.S - They were made with a dark background in mind, which the forums I made them for had. I have done tons of them and I'm not saying I'm going to again, but If someone want I might be able to do a couple. Not sure yet, at this point in time this is up just for display and C&C's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phrack50 View Post
    Cool sigs man, I like your style!
    Thanks! I like this style in particular for how easy it is to make and how cool it ends up looking.

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