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Thread: DB Son Goku vs King Piccolo siggy

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    Default DB Son Goku vs King Piccolo siggy

    Geeze the time 3 am and finally finished this siggy! This one sure is a late nighter one lol. So i added some manga images of Dragonball on the background and covered it all with some really sweet looking C4D wallpapers. I additionally added shadows on goku and piccolo and sign it self. I also messed around with layer effects to get the look and the dragon ball logo for that seal of approval

    Theme song playing in the background :P

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    "Dragon Ball" seems misplaced, but other than that sick work dood.

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    I like it a lot. Good job!
    The only thing would be that your username is not that visible.

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    Goku and Piccolo look great. They really pop right there in the center.

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    That is one amazing sig. I really love seeing your threads, your artwork really impresses me!
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