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Thread: The ESF RPG

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    Well you will obviously be in it. I will make it happen later in the day.

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    Cool, nice to see progress Can't wait to see what is more to come.

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    Use the Force, Pit.

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    Nice to see you're still working on it DS. Thumbs up.
    I'm gonna sound like Horatio for a bit here but i wonder if i'll be somewhere in the whole thing.

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    You will. Don't worry, I got quite a list of people who will be in it.


    Send me a PM if you want to be in it somewhere. (Does not apply to those in Black Star)

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    Lookin' good Deathy.

    And don't forget to make me look cool!

    "Honor is in the heart, not the name."

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    Ok so. RPG Maker is on Flash Sale for $17. If you buy it, you can help me out.

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    So I hear this was turned into a replay of the story of certain events that took place in World War 2.

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    Decided to revive an old joke.

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