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    Howdy yet agean, was looking around the google renders and found this awsome warrior render and decide to make a siggy. I used a splatter brush and pasted a warrior into it, throwed in some greens, reds, yellows and yes that is a sword from zelda tought it would be cool, basicly i overlay it with black color, also made text with different shades of red.

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    Looks really good, I just love the colours and the splashing effect. A very good example on how to create that effect. The color and the effect on the word curse are a bit mismatching to the overall picture, I would think that you would need something more rugged in texture and a less brighter color of red. But awesome work.
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    The text is somewhat out of place. Should've been smaller and positioned somewhere else, on a colored space. Other than that, I really like it.
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    hm.. I agree it is slight out of place but overall its nice,btw are there any names of which you search that warrior? maybe some names to be exact?

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    the exact link of that warrior is in the renders note, but how i found it was just typed in google images: warrior render
    usually thats how i search for images and stuff just put your key word than render
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