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    Default Vanquish siggy

    Hihi, made another siggy and nope it wasnt a late nighter one :d. The main guy is from some Vanquish video game, i never played but i just saw the render on google and used it.
    Considering i always made my siggy kinda big decided to kinda keep this one small.


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    Very nice

    You should use this one

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    I've played Vanquish before, and I gotta say you did a nice job. Good stuff, broski.

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    You should Play the game^^ it's great

    --- edit ---

    You should Play the game^^ it's great

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deverz View Post
    Very nice

    You should use this one
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    It's a great game, really. I am a little annoyed you are using it actually without even playing it haha. Come on man, it's the principle!

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