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Thread: *Map* ESF_Buu

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    Default *Map* ESF_Buu

    The ESF team has always been made up of a small group of full-time developers as well as several part-time/transient developers. Right now we're finding ourselves shorthanded. We need artists!

    The team recognizes that there are many talented people floating around the forums and we thought it would be a good idea to see if the community is willing help us finish ESF. The idea is that multiple people can work together to finish 1 art asset for ESF.

    What can I do?
    So, here's the deal. As a trial run we're going to give the community the source files for the old esf_buu map. The map is about 75% finished (unless someone want s to retexture it). Depending upon the amount and quality of work by each person we can talk about setting up early access to ESF:Final and potentially a beta tester/dev position on the team.


    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    If you're interested in helping out the 1st thing you need to do is to read the mapping guide. You can skip the section about exporting and using the XML tool. That will be handled from our side.

    Map Tutorial (draft)

    esf_buu source files

    General guidelines & rules
    1. Textures and models should be your own creation. It's okay to use found images as a base as long as they are modified.
    2. Artwork should not be exported from any of the DBZ games and imported into ESF.
    3. The source files are only to be used for ESF:Final. Please don't port this to other mods.
    4. Artists are responsible for making sure the quality of their work is on par with existing ESF:F work
    5. The community is responsible for giving the artists feedback. Be constructive! Be nice!
    6. The dev team has very limited time to help out. novice artists are welcome to use this to learn, but we can't help.

    To do
    1. 1. Finalize stomach terrain model
    2. 2. Sweets
      • cookie
      • candy bar
      • other sweets
    3. Buu's stomach textures
      • blend map
      • (done)
      • ground???
      • wall???
      • intestine???
    4. Stomach valve texture/model. For the end of the intestine
    5. Anything else that you think belongs in the map.

    • Textures must be a power of 2. 32px 64px 128px 256px 512px 1024px 2048px sizes are preferred.
    • The river is handled through an XML configuration. Don't worry about adding a water plane.
    • The original plan included a whirl pool at the end of the river. The sweets are for the river and whirl pool. Feel free to add other objects if it make sense
    • If there is decent progress each week I'll try to grab all of the updates, generate the map, and post progress shots.

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    This is a really cool idea, stuff like this can help people get into 3d work and help improve their skills. I hope something comes out of this.

    What kind of things are you looking for regarding the mesh? I might toy around with this and see if anything decent ends up being produced.
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    That's up to the community. The map needs to be finished. If you feel like adding something to the map, go ahead.

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    Shouldn't buu's brain be in this map? so both of us can fly up?
    I'm going to kick your ass.

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    This sounds like a great idea to me. Looking forward to see some community action.

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    That's cool that you're reaching out to the community like that, unfortunate for me I've no experience with texturing and modeling <.<

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    I'm curious how fast this thread will die, but take this as an indicator how fast the motivation to work for free and in the rare spare time fades away.

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    It's not that. It's more the fact that we're supposed to work on a level we can't test out.
    Being able to play test your level is a big part of designing levels.
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    Can't test with 1.2.3?

    Or even 1.3?

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    No, 1.2.3 has no clue what to do with these map files. ESF's new map system is completely independent from the original Half-life map system.
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