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Thread: Test your reaction time! Human Benchmark!

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    Just woke up after merely 5 hours of sleep (excuses), so I'm averaging at ~285 ms. Gonna try later.
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    How can yours be so much bigger then mine??

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    Says the average is 215ms, so yeah, we're both lagging.

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    average 2ms xD
    CE ftw :P

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    I got also 2 ms once, but that was a lucky try! The best real try I got was 289 :/
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    my average was 284. I'll have to try again later!

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    Got 339 but I'm a bit hungover. I'll try again later.

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    I've got an average of 320 but i'm jet lagged right now(excuse).

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    263ms was what I got. Too much League of Legends.

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    I'm now averaging at 230. Either it's those 5 hours of sleep or I'm a bit laggy in comparison to an average user.
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    How can yours be so much bigger then mine??

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