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Thread: ESF: ECX RC3 AF creating server problem. PLZ HELP

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    Default ESF: ECX RC3 AF creating server problem. PLZ HELP

    Ive just installed ecx rc3 w/ the af mod.
    I want to create a server to fight against bots but when i create a server it starts to load 'starting local game server' & then stops & puts me back at the title screen. Putting LAN on or off doesn't make a difference.

    Any Ideas???

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    Kinda wrong forum and you might wanna scan your pc for viruses i guess.

    ECX RC2 is the only official one out there as far i know.
    The only good working version without to much work is ecx rc2 + big pack 8.4.
    might be an af pack on most servers but no idea where to even get that.
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    I am creating my AF Characters with CCI, maybe you should do the same.

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    I've had ESF ECX RC3 with the AF pack before, And I ran into the same problem. What you did is you hit the model limit, I suggest you remove a few characters, like the Ginyu Force, that's what I did and it worked. Hope this helped

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