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Thread: Sub's coding pool party

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    IMPORTED_SSJG3_VEGETA_SSJ here -- four years later, I'm getting close to actually finishing this.

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    That actually looks awesome, I'm glad you figured out how to make it work. Are you still coding this in C++ or a different language?

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    Thanks dude.

    It's all c++ and continued from the codebase that I started with back in the day. Although I guess it's like Theseus's ship since I've probably rewritten every part of it since then. No scripting language used, but I am trying to have everything defined in an external json file so that there's some degree of flexibility if anyone wants to mess with the rules / look of the game.

    But yeah, tonight I started coding a tech tree gui which is generated dynamically at runtime, kind of excited about that.
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    Good, it has CHEATS.
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    How can yours be so much bigger then mine??

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    I've found myself working over the past few days on what could be thought of as a 2D take on concepts found in ESF. Video is posted below, but it needs an explanation.

    You control a very tiny and nimble square. It can fly / teleport and (eventually) shoot energy beams / energy balls / lazers. I'm the yellow dude. The circle around me is how much energy I have. Flying and teleporting drains energy. Energy automatically regenerates after not using any for a short period of time. Energy regenerates 3 times faster if you're completely stationary.

    If you fly into the opponent square, a melee collision happens, and the loser gets damaged and knocked back. The winner is determined by whoever was moving faster in the opponents direction. It's all about momentum.

    The video is me testing the melee combat against an AI to the tune of questionable music.

    On the list of things I think would be cool to do
    - Improved collision detection / melee resolution. It's a bit janky in the video, but I know what I need to do to improve this.
    - Add malleable / destructable terrain (already have the code for this written, just need to integrate it)
    - Add energy attacks
    - Add in a proper camera. I have decent code for this already written, I just need to add it in.
    - World generation. Instead of the level taking place on a flat surface like in the video, it should instead take place on a rather large circular world populated with enemies. Gravity should point towards the center of this circle.
    - Make it look pretty

    On the more insane end of things I'd like to do
    - Add rpg elements, where your character can level up to learn new attacks / gain more energy / speed.
    - Add rogue-lite elements, so that when your character dies, you start over with a new character on a newly generated world.
    - Going hand in hand with the above point, it'd be cool if there were a handful (not to be cliche but 7 would be a good number) scattered items for you to collect on each world. After collecting all of them, you'd be able to select from a list of bonuses to choose from. One of these being immortality aka respawn.


    So yeah, that's that idea. I'm posting this here because I know the idea is kind of far out there, and I figured feedback from people who actually have seen dbz might be appropriate. If you watched the video and read this post, let me know what you think.

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