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    well err how about piccolo and cell can regenerate their health like they do in the show...
    like gain 20 health every minute or sumthin like that

    w0w i finally registered here D: played this mod from like when krillin was still usefull

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    Default super kewl idea

    D: nobody lieks me

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    Default super kewl idea

    na its not that man, its late here in jersey. real late. I like you idea.

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    Default super kewl idea

    I think its a good idea, but the issue of balance comes into play. It's hard to try and add all these moves and abilities while keeping the players somewhat equal, ya know? I'll suggest it in the next meeting though.

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    Default super kewl idea

    cell and piccolo have a harder time than say vegeta (if u dont use discs with cell) I think they need somethign like this

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    Default super kewl idea

    maybe piccolo shudd have it because hes not that good but definatle not that newbie style cell

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    Default super kewl idea

    cool idea i very like this one but it been suggested befor

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    Default super kewl idea

    nope...if they had it then they wouldnt be able to hold senzu beans, plus, regenerating sux....i dont know if you notice how long it takes buu to regenerate in esf,but its lame.

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    Default super kewl idea

    Been suggested before, like r4 says, then they wouldnt be able to hold the beans. Plus in the show cell and piccolo could really only regenerate limbs, Buu on the other hand can regenerate pretty much whatever the hell he wants. Its fine how it is

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