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Thread: My first sig

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    Default My first sig

    haha i kinda stole the bar idea but the backround is original,no pic yet,not that advanced,crits and stuff


    CRAP,i just posted this in artwork,sorry mods

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    Default My first sig

    sigs go into signature forum

    come on man its right there!! use it!

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    Default My first sig

    i thought i posted it in signatures,guess not

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    Default My first sig

    hibiki we are in the Sig' forum...

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    Default My first sig

    he most likely moved it...

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    Default My first sig

    He moved it here man.

    On to the sig you need to add pics and a better colourfuller bg other then that good job

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    Default My first sig

    gotenks you talked to....??

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    Default My first sig

    hey i made another banner with a pic,plz rate this,same style though...

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    Default My first sig

    Good idea with the text, but it's unreadable. The gotenks pic is low quality, and the christmas colors seem..i's alright i guess. I like the BG but the sig needs work

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    Default My first sig

    ya that text efefct doesnt work well on green with white,i might just re color it and get a good gotenks pic,or mayeb some1 else,and add some emtal or rust effects to the text

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