1. Skyrider

    Imkongkong's Zsword Map

    One of the best maps in my opinion. It looks awesome, plays great and KongKong has put a lot of effort in this map. Readme! Download Link: http://www.moddb.com/mods/48/earths-special-forces/addons/10881/imkongkongs-zsword-map
  2. imkongkong

    WIP: zsword

    i decided to do another supremekai map, this time named zsword.. i have a waterfall, some small streams, the place of the zsword, and the cave goku fought kid buu.. well still a heavy wip.. textures are most definetly not permanent, i will change them.. also my waterfall doesnt show ingame...
  3. Enix

    I promissed someone a Z-Sword

    I promissed someone a Z-Sword a while ago, in the mapping section, i cant remember who, but i made one for him today. So if you happen to see this, its for joo ^_^. about 306 polys: C&C, and if anyone else wants it i will upload it, but i made it for that mapper.
  4. SajaN^PridE

    Finished z-sword =O

    Finished z-sword. Skin edit: And a special skin, Star Wars: z :P Crits and coments are welcome ;)
  5. Stanz

    DMZ maps?

    I know most of you here probobly think DragonMod Z SUCKS now you have played this mod, i think the same. But i had played that mod before i found esforces and realised how cool it was. But i did notice that they did have some quite good maps, the one where planet namek was falling apart was a...
  6. Cold Steel

    Get the Z-sword

    I read something about something with a sword in it but i didn't like so im thought of this game mode. The Z sword is in the middle of a level.The Z sword is stuck in a rock,a high rock like in the Z sword training the first one who pulls the Z sword get's a scorepoint.Now it isn't that easy...
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