1. wheres_

    Zomg my lungs, they fail me!

    Simple suggestion that's true to the show. Freiza and Cell shouldn't take dmg from being underwater to long. Perhaps the same with the androids but I dunno, your call on that one I guess.
  2. I


    Job searching and WoW has taken over my life. My utmost sinceer appologies to everyone who has matches with me, I will do my best to get them over with.
  3. J

    ZOMG TEH POTW(month)

    If i'm not mistaken freeza can pickup objects that can be destroyed O_O Wow cool....this will give a reason to actually use telekinisis (cant spell it) That means (i think) the bigger the object...the harder it is to dodge and the more damage it does! "OMG BEHIND YOU" too late...you...
  4. A


    Before: After:
  5. T

    FireWalls ZOMG!

    I'm in serious need of a firewall. I need one thats free, offers good protection, and is no0b friendly. No0b friendly as in easy to use for someone with little or no experience with firewalls. So far I've been reccomended both Kerio Personal Firewall and ZoneAlarm. I'd like some more opinions...
  6. Raven Blade

    Krillin Reborn (liek zomg!)

    Vegeta got the forum treatment, so should krillin. He's basically had major rip down since the post on the front page, reskinning of many major sections and an overall lighting boost. The skintone has been fixed from un-sexeh yellow and hes now about 80% Complete. Comments? Crits? Suggestions...
  7. [SAS]Orion

    zomg! Orion has a new sig and avatar!

    Time for a change methinks :) I'd appreciate honest critisims and praise, if any exist (especially the praise part =P)