1. J

    Hammer and ZHLT

    Where can i find these 2, i can't find them on the ESF world site anywhere can someone give me a link to download them, plz :) EDIT: i found them! soz, lock or delete this topic
  2. TAz00

    Zhlt and model rendering FGD -by TAz00

    [v. 1.1] Zhlt and model rendering FGD *With Pics -by TAz00 FOR 1.1 ONLY! Ok, once again i edited the Fgd harSens made(The updated one) First time, was with the help of Mr. Satan. There we added model rendering for use with VHE 3.5beta. This time i, myself, added support for Zoner's...
  3. Wangster


    well, i have found a tutorial wich learns me to map, its pretty simple so far, but i already have a prob, they say that i must put in the hlcsg.exe in the box where they ask csg executeble, well, when i couldnt find the thing, i made a search, and the results say the file isnt on my computer, so...
  4. Ranma

    Custom Textures! Please Help!

    I've been making a map and adding my own textures to it, I've read many MANY tutorials on making it the correct size in Wally and then making it a wad. But i still have one huge problem i can't find how to fix in any tutorials. After i put my texture in worldcraft, apply it to the certain...
  5. Cold Steel

    Need help, error ,max patches exceeded.

    Does anyone know what this error means, previous when i compiled (finally with succes) the map was running properly, now i added a few things it has this error in compile logfile. Could anyone help out, and i don't want to delete the stuff i just added before knowing there's no other way.
  6. D

    need sum help

    i cant find the hlcsg.exe and the other ones... i have tried searc for em...
  7. Vengaurd

    problem with edge of level

    how do i make it so that when you fly to the edge of the level you do not fall into the skybox? in other words, how do i get that invisable wall around the level?
  8. Warrior_Elite45

    How do you make clip boxes?

    I was wonderin' how would I make a clip box around an object such as a tree?
  9. Baaja


    ok i am an n00b on mapping. i use gensurf and worldcraft. and when i compile a map with zhlt it gets messy. the whole map is black exept the sky texture. One more thing i need to learn how to compile better
  10. X

    Everything About Mapping

    Introduction Hey just thought I would help get rid of all those stickies! This is all the stickies put together plus my own added stuff (some info here and there making it better). I hope this helps and I would like to thank all the people that started stickies and Stryker for making them...
  11. G

    Esf_bridge V1

    +- max 6 players a destroyable 'highway' bridge trough desert cliffs its my first map i actually 'released' as mostly i get bored with one half way done get it here : http://users.pandora.be/Goes/map screaaam if i forgot something ..
  12. S

    why me!?!

    hi guys why my if i made a map and save it and try to run it it sais: CAN'T OPEN <map name> .p0 or something plz help me with it otherwise i never can map AGAIN!!!!:cry: :cry:
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