1. D

    Zeq 2 lite upcoming beta 2 teaser trailer + Congratz with ESF 1.3

    Hello. Some of you may know me from Zeq2 lite if anyone ever goes to our forums. And I have a little teaser trailer for upcoming beta 2. ( Just a teaser, the melee will be redone entirely, 64 different melee actions each character 32 primary, 32 alternatively, in the video it's still the...
  2. Big Finish

    ZEQ 2

    Hey guys...I downloaded the ZEQ2 public beta 1 and extracted the files. The instructions said that I'd only have to start the game by running the executable file there.. But when I run the executable, it says "This application has failed to start because the application configuration is...
  3. Damaera

    ZEQ II Lite

    Well, now that the cat's out of the bag, I thought I'd bring this up here as well. Anyone really hear about this yet? Some of the guys picked it up a few months ago and decided to finish it for Quake III. The mod isn't out yet, nor does it have a release date. Sorry. :( Please enjoy some...
  4. Hitman47


    where can i download a version of zeq ???? like ZEQ1 or ZEQ2... thx :)
  5. Super Veggeto

    ZEQ II Teen Gohan

    ive been working on this for a while now, and i finished it finally crits and comments are very welcome :) ssj2 comming soon...
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