1. sub

    Zeonix, will you marry me?

    Everyone shut the **** up. Zeonix, hear me out. From what I understand, they pay married marines more, let them out of the barracks more often, and might possibly give you better living quarters. Plus, I'm pretty sure they repealed don't ask don't tell. I'll let you keep 50% of the extra...
  2. Rocky

    Attn: Zeonix

    I disagree with everything you stand for. I also have it on good authority that you are a poopey head. How do you respond?
  3. B

    Ode to Zeonix

    Zeonix is so important to me, that I named my black kitty after him. How much does Zeonix mean to you? POST!
  4. sub

    Zeonix 12 - LEARN THE TRUTH

    I said I said before, my support is with Zeonix.. and i Strong STRONGLY believe he's going to be already winning, especially since he will in the future have the most supporters.. http://www.catfacts.org/cat-picture-full.jpg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0vGamcQIYs <--- LOL
  5. Zeonix

    Zeonix Needs Him a Sig

    Alright, sig-makers. As wonderful and beautiful as Mr. Puggles is, and as much of an achievement of mankind that my sig is, I would prefer something a little less...ms painty. I've been going through the whole "Warrior" phase for about 19 years now, so I thought to myself, "Zeo, who or what...