1. N

    YYH pack for esf

    This might be closed, i dont kno the policy on this, but i'd like to build the hype on a YYH pack for esf beta 1.1. Oh no, i didnt make it. The great sexy asian made it for me since im a friend of his good friend dannylad ;) I'd like to thank sexy asian in advanceed, keep your eyes peeled for...
  2. H

    Somebody Must Make Some Yu Yu Hakusho Skins!!!!!

    That would be soooo bad ass if someone made a yusuke, kuwabara, hiei, or kurama skin, ITS A GREAT IDEA, GO FOR IT!!!!!!!
  3. Ecchi Pr0n

    Funi bashing LOL although its yyh still cool

    http://useryui.cyril.com/kurama/Funimation.htm its about yu yu hashio still kinda funi {hey i made a pun thats funi} {hey i did it again}