1. Optimus Prime

    The YuYu

    The next visually mind blowing flash piece from Adam Phillips is here. The YuYu. Anyone not familiar with his work, he literally is the king of the Portal. He has a 4.23/5.00 average score based on seven flash movies, four of which now sit in the top 20 including his latest which will be #1...
  2. M

    yuyu hakusho DT trailer

    Gamespot has it, the game looks pretty intense for a ps2 fighter based on a anime. Lets all hope it isn't another budokai 1 =P. http://www.gamespot.com/ps2/action/yuyuhakushodarktournament/media.html?gcst=yuyuhak_tr87.asx
  3. OFFSPRiNGCo16

    dmt2k3 suzaku

    MaggeM dishes these models out so fast, here you guys go, its of Suzakuthe final saint beast from yu yu hakusho