1. O

    ssj3 models

    ;D hai i am from norway and i think you shod make ssj3 models and thei shal long hair n stuff. power lob`s you must have to(yoda):p
  2. K

    JO Yoda Model

    does anyone know where to find a good one? i saw a post a long time ago that looked good but cant find it. It would make my jo experience alot better- i donno though wookies are cool? oh yea and a ewok!?
  3. .FM.

    (yoda) JBoskma

    hi i would like to make a request. JBoskma you are the best modeler in the world!! ok i would like you to make a yoda model for star wars jedi knigt 2 plz plz plz cuz your the kewlest - thx in advance :yes: