1. J-Dude

    Unleash Your Powah'! DBZ Yell Thread!

    Ever since I started watching DBZ, I became fascinated with the powering-up. The yelling is a staple in my enjoyement of the series, and ever since hearing Goku's first SS3 transformation, I've trained my voice periodically to recreate the DBZ yell. Anyone else tried it? It's actually a load...
  2. G


    yall take this forum to seriously. "oh dont post in capital letters" its still words ainti it... ppl are cursing on this server but they dont get banned or warned or their thread closed. anyways i know you cant tell me how to be a good skinner just tell me how the tools work cuse all the...
  3. C

    AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! that is angry yell

    i dont get it the graphics are all blocky and i can't find any servers it always says at the bottom "Couldnt find any servers"
  4. Skinnerfool

    A raditz skin

    lookie what do u think?
  5. Hawki_ice

    My work please comment!

    Hi all im pretty new at sig making so dont yell at me ok!! can u tell me what u think of these :) and THANX DaKiLLa !!!
  6. D


    hey guiys can you tell me what program you use to make model and skin??? i want to know it plz...maybe i can make good model... DBZ's god (plz staff dont delete plz)
  7. N


    model or skin of ssj4 gogeta cmmon please..... i cant make him for that fact anyone...... someone make him 4 me