1. GhostfaceKillah

    New (one of my 1st) bg...

    I just made this using some 3d renders from 3dsm, and some photoshop stuff. I'm probably not done yet, critz/comments please.
  2. M

    Yeah I just made an account on here.

    Hey everyone I just joined this forum and i found out about ESF about a week ago and told a friend about it, Vunks, but he just joined on here before me cause i can be a bit lazy. And I'm geting Half-Life and ESF in about a couple days or so, so I guess I will talk to all you later and see some...
  3. Bryggz

    new jacket for gotenks, like better?

    hey guys i made a new jacket for my gotenks pack cause the old one kept haunting me, tell me what u think and remember, give me help on how to make it better, dont just say it is bad (if u think so) cause i honestly think this one either #1 is or #2 could be better new one and...
  4. G

    Hey ned

    hey ned im sorry for what i said ok and i didnt mean to have a go at u or any thing it was just vox he annoyed me because he started pocking his nose in when it had nothin to do with him. Im sorry for taking it out on u ok. I didnt know that your model wasnt the proper one and i didnt know u...
  5. M

    Can someone make me a sig

    It would be nice if someone put my name like so between his hands were he is making a beam my name like so =->Maistro<-= and under in the midle write =->Dragonball Warriors<-= thax already reply
  6. V

    Goku GT plz

    Will the maker of that AWESOME :D Goku GT model with that with belt and that cool blue color and the yellow pants. I don't know who made it but i realy realy like it. If your the creator of it would you plz post on this treath ? Thx in advance.
  7. Ultra33Gokussj3


    You just didnt see version 2!:scared:
  8. M

    Finaly some awesome Buu models check them out

    Here are the best Buu models ive seen here are some pictures This is the Buu pack And this is the Buu(Gohan) Model Here download them
  9. G

    how dow i add pichers to my tread??

    if u no plz tall meO_o
  10. Death The Jedi

    I need an animator....

    I've finished a model, but the animations are ****ed up. You can see what's wrong in the screenshots, and every single animation has the same problem. If anyone can help me, please do, I'm in great need of an animator...(and maybe a new skinner too......) Oh yeah, it's a model...
  11. sexyasian86

    Kid Buu Version 1

    Kid Buu Version 1 Done :) Here is the Kid Buu Version 1 i've been working on. MaxX and Snake if u see this, try to get AIM so i can send it to u uhh sorry for the bad quality picture, but my uploader sucks crap. so here ya go. need some more editing. Kid Buu Version might be...
  12. S

    bragonball goku

    dragonball goku well alot of people were making chibi gokus so i made one too. but my uploader doesn't work so i can't post pictures can someone post a link to an uploader. thanx
  13. Rajikk

    Smoke powerup effect

    I'm trying to make a single player version of esf but instead of the normal powerup effect I'm making a gold glowing smoke effect for the SSJ transformation a red one for a red saiyan transformation and instead of the normal white aura I'm having a black smoke affect this will make it more...
  14. Cold Steel

    My new map.

    Owk just as i said i was going to create a new map. Well here it is. Give some constructive critisism.:p btw you all know the deal just copy...
  15. Mr.Bugskin

    HoW Do u?

    Like it?It took me hours to do that stuff
  16. E

    EagleKing´s work

    so..I am gonna post all my work in this topic.Here some old stuff I have posted on RS some weeks ago in two posts (each posts a category) Abstract things(kinda wallpapers):
  17. Mr.Bugskin


    How did my skin get hosted? at file planet?
  18. SSJ4_Cell

    Powering Up Goku

    Picture(s): Credits: ESF Team 99.99% Crits please.