1. Kaination

    Yarr, today be the day!

    http://www.talklikeapirate.com/ How be you celebratin', ye' scally wags?
  2. D

    Naruto Movie 2! YARR

    How about it? I'm gunna watch it here soon. I hope its good. Naruto Movie 3 has Rock Lee in it as well. Omgomgfomgf. I feel like a little kid again.
  3. V

    Snake Way map.

    I made a snake way map, it has a long way and enma daios house. I need tips on how to make multiple spawing points and then i need someone to compile it. If you are willing to compile it, post your MSN messanger e-mail here and i will send the .map to you. Or perhaps a different form of data...