1. AmoN

    phew been a while... hope yall like it.

    from the anime (yea again) Blood+ . pls comment and crit.
  2. Tsunami

    So, what do ya'll think your getting for Christmas?

    As my title states, what do you think or know your getting for Christmas? I know what I'm getting. Trinity Blood Vol. 1-2 Naruto Uncut Vol. 1
  3. J

    Can Y'all help me find a song?

    Hey, i was wondering if anyone knew what this song was. http://www.panekmechanik.com/Videos/Nov%2028th%20ITR%20Meet.wmv I've been lookin around my self since yesterday, still havent found ne thing. Would be greatly appreciated if anyone could help. Thanks.
  4. Kyo


    sooo sexy
  5. Super Bolt V2

    Happy Easter Ya'll

    Even thou its not easter in USA but it is in Austrilia :P , happy easter
  6. Cyfore

    what yall know bout dem aviators

    ive noticed since the new forum dillyos came about that people that had this forums avatars are... how can i say this... not showing. y?
  7. Denz

    My new map yall!

    CRITZ and sky is now black!
  8. M


    hey i have been lookin every where to get new models for esf. Since redsaiyan has gonew dowwn i have been at a stand off at getting my models. Do any of yall know where i can get new models.
  9. Rebirah

    Was bored..

    I was bored so I decided to get on ms paint on draw.. I tried drawing my friend :P What do yall think?
  10. T

    The Legend of Megman...Vile

    this is for a total ESF conversion.. its based of the jap. series(also there is english episodes) and the games not the crappy us cartoon, anways heres the first model..vile Zero will be done very soon old pic i did the skin and mode but general drew did the head model. those are esf...
  11. D

    its out yall

    finally the moment we all been waiting for beta 1.1 is uot oh yeah isnt that great
  12. E

    WallPapers Random

    Hey everybody, I have been gone for a while, but im back now. Here are some wierd wallpapers and gfx I found in my stash. Some of them were just quick gfx I made, but I just felt like sharing em with yall. Good to be back. C ya.
  13. P

    Lets ya'll meet up O.o

    this place needs more non dbz threads damn it lol ok.. if u chould meet up with someone from the forums for a day who would it be and why? mine would be Majin_you, cos he likes rpgs and we chould combine out power to make the greatest rpg freaks ever then rule the world, or at least...
  14. .FM.

    rei walpaper

    i found this pretty rei walpaper so ima gonna share it with yall :]
  15. E

    ESF SPLASH SCREEN. What you think?

    What yall think?:\
  16. S

    Milkshape 1.5.7

    Do any of you have this version? Its the only version taht works with my comp, and i cant seem to find anywhere except warez sites with tons of pr0n. anyway if one of yall have it plz tell me thx
  17. S

    Masa Mune Model For all Yall Crono Trigger lovers

    Hey its me again the models is the masa mune of crono trigger for a mod Q3C The ref pic