1. P

    Piccolo >_>

    http://www.dodstudios.net/uploads/uploads/picc9.jpg http://www.dodstudios.net/uploads/uploads/piccy1.jpg Critism greatly appreciated. My thanks goes out to Zereth for his comments and suggestions.
  2. NightShade

    xeno saga, the sims, devil may cry 2, dark cloud 2 and more

    seems like there is a good things to come from console fans. /sighs at his 24 ps2 games looks like i am going to have to dust them off. btw my game list is.. ace combat 4 devil may cry dbz suikonden 3 blood omen 2 soul reaver 2 ssx tricky gta 3 gta 3 vice smack down shut your mouth...
  3. NightShade

    xeno saga?

    Anyone heard ANYTHING about it. trying to find out because i am a big fan of xeno gears
  4. L

    my newly made picture

    ok what do you think about it guys?
  5. C

    New map idea

    Here's a new map idea, the place where The tree of Might happened.
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