1. Nemix

    x32 vs x64 Bit OS

    What Windows 7 is better? x32 or x64? Could you tell me the pro's and contra's of each one... I have x64 currently and i wanted to learn from some 3ds max tutorials... but 3ds max didnt work well... and there are very few plugins for 3ds max what i THINK... i'm not sure x32 -...
  2. I

    windows xp x64, your opinions?

    think it's worth the upgrade, or stick to the normal 32bit... information on this product can be found at microsofts homepage *too lazy to type the features*... but let's hear your replies
  3. I

    First try at humanoid sprites...

    Well, i realized that i'll never be able to draw good on a computer till i get a digi-pen. But i found a good passtime, eh... tallent? Can i say that? Well here it goes: *Here's a picture of basic angles... *Here i tried my little guy in seasonal background...
  4. A

    my new sig/avantar need critz!

    i need your critz. This is the 3thd time i use photoshoop so i am the bigest n00b in it... but here is my new sig/avantar SIG: AVANTAR: This Web banner i made for a CS clan: And at last my avantar i use in the "CS" forums so... what do you guys think? // ZioN
  5. GhostfaceKillah

    my new avatar!!!

    check it out thanks to www.eyesondesign.net for the tutorial
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