1. bapplebo

    The power vs price difference between x550 and x600?

    Both ATi, but yet here are the prices. Radeon X550 256MB PCI-E x16 DVI / TV - AU$115.80 USD$87.08 http://www.arc.com.au/?VIDATIX550256 - Link to Price ATI X600 256MB PCI-E - AU$158.40 USD$119.04 http://www.arc.com.au/?VIDATIRX600256 - Link to Price As you can see they are PCI-E (i have a...
  2. Marauder

    Site layout Oo

    well its just the beginning layout, what do u think :?
  3. gandalf

    If this is...?

    I filled in were the link to the sig should be "http://members.lycos.co.uk/gandalf008/hpbimg/goku%galaxy%20copy.jpg" in. what is my mistake?
  4. S

    Ryoko Wallpaper

    Opinions? If you want I can upload the 800x600 version. By the way, The text sucks I already know!