1. sub

    The Artist [A short story I wrote]

    Alright, I wrote this for a creative writing class I took last semester (I needed an elective). It's about 8 pages long on word. Honest opinions on it? :p The Artist The canvas was blank and he unsure how to begin. He felt compelled to create, to imagine countless worlds and creations...
  2. dan_esf_fanatic

    First song I wrote.

    So, yeah. This came to me one night at 3 AM while I was listening to Metallica. A song about the apocalypse: I Wish to Die As I stare upon our forsaken world, and I see only death and decay, the stench of death is everywhere, Have we to the Devil this Earth of ours sold? My ears slam shut...
  3. liad

    update on the bug i wrote before

    this one http://forum.esforces.com/showthread.php?t=68894 i just played and saw that it doesnt only happens when switching characters it also happens when u get killed . basicly the bug is when u respawn(doesnt matter how. after switching chars or getting killed) , the cf bar is shown as its...
  4. CM

    Short short story I wrote...

    <center>Once Upon a Time In a Land Called Earth</center> In the midst of the dark and quiet night, the large house in Spooner Street stuck out as a flower would in a puddle of mud. The quiet of the night was suddenly shattered when a man seemed to be in the middle of a large altercation with...
  5. N

    gotenks sprites?

    hey i was just wonderin how you change the distructo disk? I searched but nothin came up :( also I put it in the folder but it dont work
  6. Pommy

    Pommy's website layout

    My website layout is done!! :) Im so happy. Version 4.0 if anyone wants to see (or cares) http://www.oasii.com/ :D please post feedback on it.
  7. S

    i suck hehe deal with it

    just another sig... i really have nothing to work on so im taking old pics of myself and fing with them
  8. Ryoko

    So I lied, sue me. guess what wp this is...

    Well, hit me with the crits. You know the routine.
  9. GhostfaceKillah

    Adobe Photoshop 5.0LE help!!

    hey, im kinda new to sig makin and i was readin some tutorials on how to make custom patterns and whatnot. it says u hafta got to Edit>Define Pattern, but in my version of photoshop, it doesnt have anything about patterns, i tried searchin the help about custom patterns but i cudent find...