1. Rayos

    Sarutobi The Wrestler

    I finally was able to get my videos of me on my computer since i did not have a video compiler for vhs...but that time is now gone. I am posting this here for anyone that is interesting in seeing my wrestling compilation...it is only 4 matches total and i just tried to make it a little snazzy...
  2. I

    new vegeta-

    New vegeta hope you like it:D http://www.freewebz.com/iconz/newvegeta.jpg http://www.freewebz.com/iconz/vegetanew.jpg copy and paste the urls in ya web browser
  3. xstortionist

    New Model!!!! El Dookay The Wrestler!!!

    I sorta just tweaked that so called "basemodel" I made and came up with this. Hope u guys like it...oh yea I changed the abs...I will get a screen shot of that up soon.