1. Theoboy


    How do I see the Wpoly count?
  2. G

    Some good water map

    :p Does anyone know some high water map with some air space??? And sometimes I can't submit reply to thread!!! Goodie,the crown of yewels...
  3. E

    yet another compiling prob

    yep i'm back. i've got another compiling prob but i'm not really sure wot is wrong. i've gone through 20 or so maps of a similar aspect (gensurf landscape, floating spawn points and other such goodies) and they all seem to end up with the same prob. when i compile, csg, bsp and vis all...
  4. X

    How do I lower r_speeds

    How do I lower r_speeds because I think that will make my map lag less.
  5. dudeman

    idea: mapping contest

    hi all i heard that there are not so many maps in the beta yet, i think it would be nice to do a mapping contest, that every mapper can make a map and the one who makes the best, wins, gets a test version of the beta, optimizes his map to it, and the map gets in the beta.. plz esf...