1. Volosity

    ... gmax sucks..... need help woth converter

    do you know of a exporter that alowws me to export .3ds for gmax so i can get them into max? i am going a DBAF model and my other models i want to get to max like my Bojack Gohan plz help i wanna render my gona :D and to the mods i am gona post a pic when i can render it :P
  2. S

    wtf?? i carnt get my head around this??

    well i dl the cyborg vegeta at redsaiyan.. and when i open the folder theres a readme title readmeigess when u read it, it says this folder contains a virus! and it has a trjen dll in it wtf is up woth that has any one else dl it?? or is it a joke because if it is a virus am screwed...
  3. HyperSaiyaman

    Give me your opinion (without laughing)

    i founf this on the net what do u think? the *** means G . A . Y
  4. Gogeta

    Modeling Help!

    Just like |-MF-|Gogeta, I also need help with milkshape3D, i need a complete tutorial of everything so i can make models for ESF and Counter-Strike. This seems compicated, but I want to learn how to do this. -Thanks [email protected]
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