1. Avenger

    Worms World Party

    Me and -Origin were wondering if anybody else had this awesome game, as we've (well, at least me) have recently started playing over Hamachi. So, would anyone be willing to play it with us? =o It's fairly cheap if you don't have it. It has potential for a lot of fun. Tournaments, tag-team and...
  2. Andy011

    Another worms modelpack poll...

    Ok, there's been a lot of posts demanding some content I wasn't planning on putting in the modelpack, so I'll just skip to the point: Primarily, the worm's MOUTH wasn't meant to be animatable, which brought discussions that were a little bit overboard from me and the other members visiting...
  3. Andy011

    For the Worms Modelpack...

    OK here's the deal: I need you guys to vote which kind of mouth of the worms do u want: - Smiling Worm (worms 2/armaggedon/world party) - Confusing-looking worm (Worms 3D/Worms Forts) The second one has a bit of a sad and insecure face, while the 1st one, in my oppinion, has a...
  4. Arsenovicius

    Worms Siggy

    Here is a sig i made with a worm :) P.s i know many will say where is the border.. but i don't rly like it :p
  5. S

    Check out my Chibi Goku GT!

    What do you guys think about my GT Goku? can i have your opinion? this is the second time i made a model i my life, that i put time in! Check it out: http://www.geocities.com/darksayians/PC_Modellen.html o, and check out my site please, aldo it´s in Dutch language...
  6. dudeman


    see: like it?