1. Deathshot


    www.woot.com This is a great place to get discounts and such. They had a 360 up not to long ago for $140. It was the 80gb HD too. http://shirt.woot.com/Blog This is where I buy all my shirts now. :D They only have 1 item up a day till they have what is called a "Woot Off" which...
  2. Arsenovicius

    New woot siggy :)

    Okay now i like this one :) Critic and coments please ;D
  3. Kaination

    Woot, shinobi sig, best yet.

    My best sig yet. Fear it, bishes.
  4. Gama

    woot B&W 2 released yesterday

    how many ppl gonna get it? Published by: Electronic Arts Developed by: Lionhead Studios Genre: Strategy Sequel to Peter Molyneux's "god game." The world of Eden is now at war, immediately posing a question to the player. Will he go to war and conquer or try to uphold peace? Like its...
  5. C

    woot 100 posts...meh needs sig

    ok so i just hit 100 posts with this one and i still dont have a sig. i need to know if anyone out there wants to make me one (cause doing that is way out of my league) and i need to know some other things like dimensions of what it needs to be and other stuff like that. as for the sig itself i...
  6. 1


    hi all i just bought half life for £4 (good deal) so now i can finally play ESF im d-loadin it now it shouldnt take 30 mins. i carnt wait im sooo exited most ppl say its the best DBZ game ever made. hope to see sum of u on there soon :D 13378oy
  7. Suh Dude

    Woot siggy.

    I think I found my old grunge stile back.
  8. S

    Woot, woot!

    I just finished puting together my new computer, and can I say... IT'S FAST AS CRAP. Jesus, I can't believe how good this is, it's like a dream ;_;.
  9. X

    Grooy! :O Woot! POst post post!

    grOOvy Fumoffu! Join Date: Nov 2002 Location: England Posts: 1,002,403 :O! just look at that!?
  10. M


    South Park is the all-time best show.... EVER!! It is mad funny, and the people what show up (Michael Jackson, Jesus, God, the Devil, etc.) are hilariosly made to look really funny!! That show rules!! What do you guys think? Note: This thread was inspired by the Space Ghost thread, if you...
  11. Z

    the best program

    what do you all think the best program for making sigs is? btw - does any1 here know where i can download some patterns for photoshop 7.0
  12. S

    New Sig! (woot)

    me gots a new sig... and btw I DID make the skin for both the sig and avatar :o
  13. Z

    trunks movie 8

    steel need a modler for his arms + hands wat do you guys think ?
  14. Ryoko

    Tales of Phantasia wallpaper

    Doooh it's hard to find images for these. O_o Oh well, since I love this game soo much heres a wallpaper about it. Teleport! Ha! Soul wave! Pwned! *ahem.. *
  15. Ryoko

    Latest wallpaper (Ranma 1/2)

    Well here it is. I'll be putting a Ryoko wallpaper onto this thread when I create it 2morrow. It'll be in a similar style to this. Comments!!
  16. D


    Hey guys. Some of you may remember me as Elf; my last name on ESForces I think. I am glad to see that the aim symbol isnt a small yellow dot now. I can finally see what I am blowing up! Thanx Guys! BTW-Gohan skin is good, but his hands need remaking. They look like something you use to slice...
  17. S

    HAHA heya boyoz im new! heres sum work! w0ot!

    heya boyoz im new to the forums, and i thot id introduce myself with soma my work cuz thats really the best way to get to know a fella...well heres we go (yippie road trip! w0ot!): im just gonna post some of the drawings i did and then CG'ed fer now...gimme some c/c on em so i can get better...
  18. Hibiki

    Jedi Outcast!!! Woot!!!

    damn this game rocks!!!!!! talk about it here!! (i know lots of the codes for **** (like hacking people apart :D and.........doubble lightsaber "darth maul style") also if any of u have jk2 i reccomend downloading the "Ladder" map its pure 100% lightsaber extacy...